Peppa Pig: Fun and Games (Nintendo DS)


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  • Peppa Pig: Fun & Games is the sequel to the hugely popular and successful Peppa Pig: The Game.
  • The game allows the player to explore Peppa’s world and interact with all the fun things seen in the TV show and more! 10 re-playable games and fun activities are included plus 1 bonus activity – ‘Dressing Up Game’.
  • The minigames all have very simple mechanics and controls allowing young gamers to enjoy them both instinctively and immediately.
  • Making Pictures – Peppa and George love to make pictures. Slide and drop different shapes to make a picture. Decorating Cupcakes – Help Peppa and George decorate Mummy Pig’s cupcakes by sliding and dropping different sprinkles. Experiment with different designs and colours.
  • Watering Flowers – To grow as many beautiful flowers as possible water the seeds with the watering can and watch them grow. Duck Pond – Use the stylus to throw bread into the pond and feed the ducks at the end of the garden. Stop George from scaring the ducks away by giving him some bread too!
  • Bursting Balloons – Daddy Pig has filled the house with balloons Peppa and George have decided to play hide and seek underneath them! Touch the balloons to burst as many as you can to find Peppa and George. Dressing Up Game – Peppa is playing a dressing up game but can’t decide what to wear! Help her choose the best outfit. You can save your favourite outfits in “Peppa’s Photo Album” so you can show your family and friends later.