Children’s Large Freestanding Extra Long Wavy Garden Slide with Strong Safety Handles and Wide Steps


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  • Watch on as your kids enjoy the extra long sliding fun to be had from the Big Game Hunters large wavy garden slide.
  • Children will develop climbing skills as they conquer the steps to reach the reward of the extra long ride down the 1.85 metre (6 foot) long wavy slide body .
  • Make the freestanding slide a permanent garden feature and bring the fun of the park into your own garden in the confidence that the colour scheme will blend in with its outdoor surroundings. You can even continue the fun indoors in larger play spaces!
  • Easy to assemble the slide and steps are made from durable plastic while the metal frame gives stability and support with the added benefit of a painted weatherproof coating.
  • Hand rails give security at the top of the 1.4 metre high slide and you can rest assured in the knowledge that Big Game Hunters have taken care of your child’s safety with stringent testing to meet all safety standards.