Callowesse Kemble Stair and Door Safety Gate Narrow 64-71cm for Baby Dogs Pets Pressure Fit Easy Install Indoor for Children Puppy Doggy No Drill Gate Doorway Black Metal


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  • Secure and Strong: Made out of metal and installed via pressure fit the Callowesse Kemble safety gate is strong durable and resistant to children and infants pulling and pushing against the gate.
  • One Hand Operation: The one-handed operation system is designed to make the gate as easy to use while you are carrying your little one. Simply slide to unlock tilt the handle upwards and walk through.
  • Easy Installation: The stairgate couldn’t be easier to install! It requires no screws or drilling just insert the pressure fit bolts into the four slots place and twist the nuts to install.
  • Dual Open Door: The door can be opened in either direction and the auto-close design means as soon as you walk through the gate will pull itself shut behind you to make sure no children or pets can follow you through. The Stay Open feature ensures the gate will stay open if pulled at 90 degrees to help you traverse your home with ease. Simply give it a light push and it will automatically shut.
  • Supports Narrow to Standard Openings: The stair gate can fit between 64-71cm can also be extended to 113cm with the optional extensions available separately.