BOHS Primary Colours Foam Modeling Clay – Squishy, Air Dry, Soft – for School Projects,Baby Hand Print,Slime,Fake Bakes – Gifts for Adults and Kids – 5 pcs,1.1 Lbs


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  • Package Content – Including 5 Colors(5 BagsTotal 1.1 Pound/500 Grams) 100 grams for each color. Air dry clay could be customized into any color with appropriate proportion of the 3 primary colors.
  • Multiple Uses – From slime making to costuming and cosplay items miniatures etc. so many applications you can think of.
  • Resealable & No Waste – After playing reseal the bag so that no clay dries. In addition with these 5 primary colors clay you can create new colors without wasting any.
  • Air Dry & Clean – You will be relieved of baking because the product will self-harden after a few days of exposure to air. There is no residue leftclean and tidy after working.
  • Decorate Items – The clay is sticky with styrofoam glass and metal and once dry it can be painted with markers or paints.
  • Hand-eye Coordination-Along with playing clay the hand-eye coordination will be developed through squeezing patting and pounding the clay to manipulate the materials to fit their ideas.
  • Encourages Creativity- With just a few colors of clay your kids can come up with limitless creations.When kids make things from scratch they’re encouraged to think outside the box and come up with new and innovative ideas.
  • Fine Motor Skills – While your kids are busy making different shapes out of claythey are actually strengthening the muscles in their tiny hands.The more your children play with clay the better their fine motor skills will be in the future.
  • Calming Effects -Playing with clay helps to relieve tension release excess energy and improve concentration