Barbie Ice Cream Shop Playset with 12 in Blonde Doll, Ice Cream Making Feature, 2 Dough Containers, 2 Bowls, 2 Cones, and accesories, Gift for Ages 3 Years Old & Up, HCN46


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  • Kids can run an ice cream shop with the Barbie Ice Cream Shop Playset!
  • Wearing a cute ice cream print dress and striped apron Barbie doll is ready to make ice cream treats and serve her customers.
  • Includes ice cream shop Barbie doll (12 inches) and ice cream shop accessories: 2 dough colours 2 bowls 2 cones 3 decorative toppers 2 spoons cone holder and register.
  • To create realistic ice cream making kids can use two kinds of dough (pink or blue) and put it in the ice cream machine pull the lever and watch the ‘ice cream’ swirl out and use the ice cream toppers too.
  • Bowls and cones have a clip-on feature that lets Barbie doll hold the item for realistic play!